City of Lodi


West Yost & Associates


Construct headworks improvements, aeration basin improvements, RAS flow splitter structure, mixed liquor outlet box, secondary clarifier No. 3, mixed liquor distribution structure, RAS pump station clarifier No. 3, secondary clarifier Nos. 1 and 2, secondary sludge pump station, chlorine contact basin, anaerobic digestion improvements, digester boiler area, supernatant pump station, biosolids storage lagoon outlet structure, 3w pump station, control building improvements,  sliplining of 48” RCP line totaling approx. 22,634 feet of pipe.


The sliplining of the corroding 48″ outfall and inlet lines was a unique part of this project utilizing new technology to pull pvc slip liners inside the concrete pipe to provide a durable long life for the existing infrastructure.


This project provided added capacity, redundancy and longevity to the existing wastewater treatment plant.