City of Fresno


MWH Americas, Inc.


Construct an Annex to the existing Sludge Dewatering Facility; demolition of two (2) belt presses and their corresponding sludge feed pumps and polymer feed pumps; installation of three (3) centrifuges with corresponding sludge feed pumps, polymer feed pumps, classifying conveyors and cake pumps; construction of a new cake storage silo with live bottom, truck scale and appurtenances


The new cake storage silo was a difficult round concrete structure over 60′ tall that required multiple pour lifts to construct.  Additionally, a large steel cone structure had to be lifted to the top center of the silo to process the dewatered solids.


Increase the efficiency in which the plants waste solids are dewatered, stored and transferred to the tucks that will haul them to landfill or beneficial use.